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Yamaha HH65 HiHat Pedal with MPC-10 - Wrong Pedal Type

2024-06-16 16:09:07

As the title states, I have the MPC-10 with all the latest versions of the Pedal config Tool and Firmware. My computer (Windows 10, 64 bit) recognizes it and I'm able to set my Nektar Expression Pedal up just fine in the Pedal Config Tool software.

However, I have a Yamaha HH65 HiHat pedal plugged into it (using the TRS cable that came with the pedal) and, when I first plugged it in and hit Check in the config tool it only saw it as a switch. I then tried depressing the pedal as I hit Connect in the tool and then when I hit Check it now sees it as an Expression pedal.

But, no matter what I do, it will not see it as a HiHat pedal. If I manually set it to one it just says Wrong Pedal Type when I hit Set.

I've tried everything; reconnecting the box, deleting the device from Device Manager and reconnecting it, plugging the pedal into either of the inputs on the adapter, and several other things. But nope. It will not see it as a HiHat pedal, despite it being listed on the Compatible HH Pedals...

Any clue? I'd hate to leave a bad review on Amazon for this thing, but for $40 this thing should work great, and it doesn't...