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MTD-1024 - No Display ?

2024-06-02 10:48:41


I recently bought a MTD-1024 (received May 28th).

Actually when powering on out of the box it won't show any display and therefore cannot be configured.

I checked for the support pages and finally downloaded Doremidi Upgrade-Utility to check if it is recognized by my Mac. It is ! Yet only if set to Upgrade Mode and shows Hardware V0.0.0 (?) .

Then I tried to perform upgrade V1.1.6 to see if it helps the problem. The utility seems to run properly and at the end reports "Upgrade completed !".

But Problem remains. After power-off and power-on again there's still no display to configure unit. Therefore also Factory-Reset cannot be made.

Display itself seems to work for showing "Upgrade..." when set to Upgrade-Mode. However this is a static display and showing no progress...

Please help me to get my brand-new unit working.

Thank You in advance !