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FAQ about MIDI Pedal Converter (MPC-10/MPC-20)

2022-08-18 04:21:58

>>The following are the collected problems and solutions, which will be continuously updated in the future.

Product information:

MIDI Pedal Converter(MPC-10)

MIDI Pedal Converter Pro(MPC-20)

Compatible Pedal list.pdf

Product usage reference video from Youtube:

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Q: On MacOs system, "Pedal Config Tool" cannot be opened

A: Since Pedal Config Tool is not from the Mac APP Store, you need to change the apps that can be opened on Mac in the "Privacy & Security" settings. Detailed steps: If an app is not from the Mac App Store

Q: Expression pedal range is incorrect.

A: Please refer to the following:

1. Place the expression pedal in the middle area and connect it to the product.

2. Please check whether the expression pedal has a knob and try to turn the knob.

3. Adjust the "Gain" parameter in Pedal Config Tool.

Q: Do I need to connect to a computer to use it?

A: After configuring MIDI messages through the computer, the product can work alone without a computer. When the product is not configured, there will be a default MIDI message output depending on the different pedals connected. Please refer to the product manual.

Q:Incorrect pedal type detected on configuration software

  • Please make sure that the pedals are properly connected to the MPC-10;
  • If an expression pedal is connected, try placing the pedal in the middle range, and then click “SENSE” to detect.

Q:Is it possible to configure MIDI messages if no pedal is connected

A:Yes, but only the expression pedal and the sustain pedal can be configured, not the dual pedal function. After configuration, you must ensure that

Use the correct connection for the corresponding pedal type during the process. (It is recommended to configure after connecting the pedal to avoid configuration errors)

Q:The device cannot be detected in the Pedal Config Tool

  • First confirm whether the indicator light flashes after the USB-C is connected to the computer.
  • Confirm whether the computer has a MIDI driver. Generally speaking, the computer comes with a MIDI driver. If it is found that the computer does not have a MIDI driver, you need to install the MIDI driver, installation method:
  • If the computer cannot recognize the MPC-10 during the setting or upgrade process, it may be that the computer is installing the driver. Please try to install the driver and then follow the firmware upgrade instructions. Virtual COM Port Driver

Q:After clicking the configuration software "Connect", it displays Error and cannot connect

  • Check if MPC-10 is occupied by other music software, if so, please close it;
  • Try to clear the computer system cache and close unused software.

Q: Connect a dual switch pedal with self-locking function, such as Lead Foot FS-2, Boss FS-7, etc.

A: Since the pedal has a self-locking function, the internal TRS plug may be in a closed state, making it easy to be mistakenly identified as a single-switch pedal or an expression pedal. Please set both pedals of this type of switch to the disconnected state before connecting them to the product.