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MIDI pedal converter (MPC-10) upgrade

2022-03-18 04:30:41

DOREMiDi MIDI pedal converter (MPC-10) new firmware and pedal configuration software have been released, link:

Upgrade content :

1. The expression pedal, switch pedal, and hi-hat pedal are divided into three configuration grids, which is more convenient for users to configure.

2. Add "Message Number", each pedal can trigger 16 custom MIDI messages at the same time.

3. "Range" is added to DATA1 and DATA2 to customize the MIDI message range of the pedal.

4. Added "Gain" parameter to expression pedal and hi-hat pedal. So, you don't need to press the pedal all the way to the bottom, and the pedal can reach the maximum MIDI value.

5. 5 trigger modes are added for the switch pedal, including Single, Toggle, Reset, Increase, Decrease.

6. The hi-hat pedal is directly triggered by Note, and the custom Note can be sent at the moment of stepping on or releasing it.

7, software display and so on.

Pedal Config Tool V2.0